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Leeds Boost is a LeedsBID initiative, bringing digital skills training to the businesses and people of Leeds.

Our lives are no longer ‘online’ and ‘offline’ and it’s our mission to provide digital training, educate and help as many people as possible to embrace digital to reach their potential for boosting business, work life and beyond.

About us

No jargon ever, promise!

Our digital skills training has been created exclusively for you, focusing on providing all-inclusive, jargon-free training that demystifies digital, educates and up-skills both businesses and people.

Through Leeds Boost you will learn more about the digital world we live in, develop key skills and explore the tools and techniques that can help to boost your business, work life and beyond.

Simon McCaskill, Google’s European masterclass trainer, has created this training and will be leading the training and sharing his experiences and giving insight into the challenges and successes individuals and businesses are having with digital.

Our approach to learning is designed to be engaging, fun and interactive, so you can get the very best out of the sessions and start implementing these skills in real life.

Boost your digital confidence, knowledge and skills

digital Training

Our all-inclusive bite-size sessions give you the chance to learn key digital skills in easily-digestible chunks, providing maximum impact.

These hands-on interactive workshops provide the most up to date training and insights from the world of digital. Designed for individuals and businesses who are looking to upskill their teams, you can ensure your staff have the most relevant digital skills needed to help your business grow.

Skills for a digital world

Digital goes beyond the geeky hardware and is about human interactions and how we shape and use these fantastic tools and opportunities.


Google it

All Google is doing is taking your question and finding you the best answer. Therefore if you ask better questions you get better answers.

I need a hero

We all want heroes, but with 88% of businesses missing out on their hero, this is your businesses opportunity to get ahead and found online.


focus on working smarter

Do you ever feel that your working life is like a conveyor belt – emails, calls and tasks? You finish one job, and the next task is already overdue.


Find your tribe

Understanding your audience and take a strategic approach to finding them online. Explore social media for businesses and get your strategy right.

Digital Classroom

We are a search away from the best classroom ever. With the best courses, teachers and content. But where do you start and what does it all mean?

Something caught your eye?

Our Digital World

Billion Searches a Day

% of The UK are online

% Buy online twice a month

% of businesses missing out

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