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We create and deliver a programme of workshops based on your goals for your business. Our workshops provide an engaging, ‘hands-on’ learning experience, where we dive deeper than ever before, exploring more and giving you the tools and techniques you need to get ahead. After every session you will come away with an action plan that can be implemented immediately, giving you maximum results. All our sessions are jargon-free, with no prior knowledge required. 

Below is a taster of our most popular workshops to help indicate how we might be able to help create a bespoke training programme to meet your objectives;

For Professionals;

For Professionals

Business Meeting

Future Professional

The world we live in is changing, technology and online is creating a world of opportunities. But being an expert in your field is no longer enough. So how does the professional of the future look and how do can you position yourself to attract these opportunities?

Laptop & Coffee

Hack your 9-5

Feeling stressed? Do you have an ever growing task list and can’t find enough hours in the day to make a dent?! Let us help you get more done in less time, feel less stressed and go home happy :)

Glass Conference Room

Working in Cycles

Our working day is out of date, it’s not allowing us to be productive, and it’s actually proving to be counterproductive. The introduction of ‘cycles’ can change all that and help make the workplace productive, healthy and enjoyable again.

Modern Laptop

The World of Ads Online

Wouldn’t it be great if more people knew about your business with the click of a button? Well, they can. The world of ads is a fantastic opportunity to get found, and many companies are seeing huge returns on investment, however many fail. We share the good, the bad, and the ugly, in the world of ads, so you're fully prepared before you jump in.

Giving a Speech

Business Events with Legacy

Business events are a great way to attract new potential customers. However, they take time, effort and money. We share a tried and tested method to guarantee the success of an event before it begins and keep leveraging the event after it has finished to create a bigger return on investment.

For Retail and Hospitality


The Future of Retail

Today’s consumer is more demanding, curious and empowered than ever before. Retailers and hospitality must offer more and embrace ‘experiences’ to order to thrive and survive on our ever-changing high streets.

Capturing Art

Getting Maximum Exposure

Your biggest opportunity to reach more of the people you want and need is already right under your nose. How do you tap into this opportunity and get maximum exposure for everything you are already doing?


Find your Tribe

It all starts with who! Who is the perfect customer that you want to walk through your door that will buy your products and goods and will return again and again? Once you know the ‘who’ everything else falls into place - but it all starts with 'finding your tribe'.

Friends Party

Dream Events

Events are a great way of getting people through your door - but is there a way to guarantee the success of an event before it even takes place? And even create a ripple effect after the event has finished? Yes. And we will show you how.

Smiling Young Man

Finding and Leveraging Influencers

If you are not yet utilising influencers are part of your marketing you are missing out. They are a great way of reaching more people and getting them through your door. However, there is an art to finding the right influencers and leveraging their profiles for your success

Getting started

The workshops listed above are just tasters of how we can help you. Contact us to arrange a discovery session where we can get to know you better, find out how we can help you, and then create the training programme to get you the results you need.


Please contact, call 0113 460 2603 or complete the form below. 


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